Hester dør stående - åpen for alle fra fredag 28. januar

This is the first exhibition in a series of …(titled): perforated studies of presence

03.12.21 – 10.12.21
Akademoromme 3 12

En utstilling hvor utvekslingsstudenter fra København og Antwerpen har invitert studenter fra sine hjemsteder, med mål om å trekke paralleller mellom europeiske kunstpraksiser.

Åpning 3. desember kl. 18:00-22:00. Utstillingen står til 10. desember.

In an attempt to draw parallels between the artistic practices in Europe, we are going to present works by students from Copenhagen and Antwerp, the two academies we are exchanging from. Aiming towards a platform of dialogues, exhibitions, and exchanges between our schools and beyond.

We intend to fertilize the soil for creative interactions throughout the different cities and their inhabitants. The three students participating have been chosen based on their practices, being connected through their way of interacting with a given environment.


Jamilla Mahmud (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts), Nelly Riverlou (The National Academy of The Arts Oslo), Rafaela Figurski Vieira (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp). Curated by Tim Rosenbaum (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp)og Andreas Bardenfleth Hatt (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts).

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