Due to Kunstnernes Hus being closed until further notice, all of our guided tours are canceled for the moment. You can find more information about our regular offers below. We hope to be able to welcome you back as soon as possible!

Public tours

Experience Kunstnernes Hus together with knowledgeable guides who can bring the art to life while providing a topical and educational perspective. Our tours will give both an artistic and intellectual boost to those who want to learn more about the exhibitions, the artists and the artworks displayed in the building. Public tours of our exhibitions take place every Sunday at 2pm. We organise tours in both English and Norwegian for our temporary exhibitions, and tours focusing on the building’s architecture and history. Check our Events page or contact us for more details on the upcoming tours.

Private tours

Private tours can been booked in our temporary exhibitions. A private tour can always be combined with a reservation at our restaurant, or when you rent a space in the building. Private tours can be held in Norwegian, English, Swedish, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi.

Duration 40-60 min
Participants 30 max
Price within opening hours 1.500,- per group and half the price of tickets per person
Outside of opening hours and during weekends 2.500,- per group and half the price of tickets per person

Family tours

Kunstnernes Hus arranges family tours on selected Saturdays, making it possible for children and adults to explore the exhibitions or the building’s architecture together. After the tours, both children and adults can express themselves at Atelier Felix, where visual artist Annika Simonsson offers workshops linked to the exhibitions. The tour and workshop last approximately two hours in total.

The family tours are included in the entrance fee and are free for children. For information on the next family tour, check the “Children and Family” programme on our website and on Facebook.

Baby tours

We arrange baby tours with subsequent workshop and gathering at Atelier Fox on one particular Wednesday during the exhibition period. The baby tours are for adults with children under the age of two. The tour starts at 1pm and ends with a presentation of a workshop task at Atelier Felix. The space is perfect for toddlers, letting them socialise so that they can get to know each other as well.

The tour and workshop are included in the entrance fee and there is no need to book in advance. Those who wish may use buggies during the tour. Atelier Felix does not have a lift, so for this part we suggest carrying the child or wearing a baby sling. We also put down mats that the children can lie/crawl on at Atelier Felix. Check the “Children and Family” programme on our website and on Facebook for more information.

Senior tours

We organise tours for seniors in our exhibition spaces in collaboration Den kulturelle spaserstokken. The tours are every second Tuesday at 11am during an exhibition period. The tours are announced through our website as well as on Facebook.

The aim of Den kulturelle spaserstokken is to increase art and culture experiences for seniors, in a way that they are presented with various offers on cultural arenas, senior homes, senior centres, and so on. The content of such offer shall reflect the diverse group of seniors living in the city.

Artists presenting artists

Another type of public tour is when we invite artists to talk about their own or another artist's practice in our exhibitions, based on their personal and artistic standpoint. Check the Events page on our website where the next tour will be announced.

Steinar Haga Kristensen and Hilmar Fredriksen show Mari Slaattelid in June 2020.


Plot/Oslo is an art club for young people between the ages of 15 and 25 who want to learn more about contemporary art. It is run by a dedicated youth council in cooperation with the National Museum of Art and the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. Every semester we offer new activities related to current contemporary art such as tours, workshops, studio visits, artist meet-and-greets and films. You can sign up as a member when you arrive to participate in one of our activities. For more information, visit the Facebook page for Plot/Oslo. Our most recent initiative is Plot/Kunstkritikk.

All photos: Jan Khür and Julie Hrncirova.