Behind the reception desk on the ground floor you will find our bookstore. Here you can take a break between the exhibitions and immerse yourself in our various art books.

The bookstore presents its own imported books together with selected titles from Nordic Art Press (NAP). NAP is a network for the distribution of Nordic art books; selling books and publications from major publishing houses and publishers in the Nordic art scene.

Below we present some selected literary goodies that you can find in our store. You are most welcome to come by to see for yourself. The store's opening hours correspond to the opening hours of the reception.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at


Minigraphs is the name of our new book series where artists lead the word. The first release presents a conversation between artist Mari Slaattelid and art historian and curator at the National Museum Ingvild Krogvig. The book can be purchased in our shop for 150 NOK.

Picture: Julie Hrncirova

Kunstnernes Hus - A history of graphic design

On the occasion of Kunstnernes Hus' 90th anniversary, artist Bjørn-Kowalski Hansen has taken a deep dive into our archive and collected over 400 posters and catalogues from the entire exhibition program, compiled in one book. The book shows how designers have interpreted exhibitions over time and created posters for among others Andy Warhol, the Autumn Exhibition, Cindy Sherman, Henri Matisse and van Gogh.

Editors: Gilda Axelroud, Lars Mørch Finborud, Ida Kierulf, Anne Hilde Neset.

The book is for sale in our shop for 399 NOK. You may also order it here. The book is available in three colours and is a great gift for anyone interested in art and visual communication.

Picture: Form Forlag


Each edition that we sell in our bookstore is made specifically for Kunstnernes Hus. The series offers works of art in limited edition by artists who have exhibited at Kunstnernes Hus before. By purchasing one of the editions you get a unique piece of art that is not available elsewhere. All profits from the sale go to support Kunstnernes Hus' program and future projects.

The following editions are available in our shop:

Frida Orupabo: 1800, -

Mari Slaattelid: 3150, - (incl. 5% artificial fee)

Yngve Holen: 3150, - (incl. 5% art fee)