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Skrivekunstkurs Susanne Hætta redigert 2021 04 06 202939

Susanne Hætta: Hvordan skrive om kunst?

Thursday 08.04.21

As part of our lecture series "How to write about art?" author, photographer and artist Susanne Hætta shares her experiences and knowledge when it comes to writing about art. A free, digital lecture for everyone who wants to immerse themselves in art and express themselves through text.

About the speaker

Susanne Hætta is a Sami author, photographer and artist. She has an degree in social sciences from the UiT The Arctic University of Norway and the University of Bergen, as well as a professional background in journalism. Her latest book Mázejoavku. Collectivity and Art tells the story of the Sami artist group Mázejoavku,. It was published by DAT and the Office for Contemporary Art Norway in November 2020.

Previously, Hætta has self-published the artist portrait Luondduadjágasat - Dreamscapes about artist and poet Synnøve Persen and the photo book Mari Moments - Mari Liibbat about the artist Mari Boine.

About the lecture series

How to write about art?" is a free, digital offer where experienced writers share their experiences and knowledge on how to write about art. The lecture series is published in connection with a seminar on how to write about art led by Aina Villanger.

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