Foredragsrekke Andreas Breivik

Andreas Breivik: How to write about art?

17.11.20 – 24.11.20

In this lecture, writer and art critic Andreas Breivik shares his experience and knowledge when it comes to writing about art. The lecture series is for everyone who seeks to immerse themselves in art and express themselves through text.

"How to write about art?" is a series of free, digital lectures in which five experienced art critics share their knowledge. Lectures are published every Tuesday at 16:00 and open to everyone.

About the speaker

Andreas Breivik (b. 1989) studied literature and aesthetics at the University of Oslo and the University of California in San Diego. Together with visual artist Victoria Duffee he has been running the magazine "We look at art" since 2016. Together they have published two publications, created talk shows and practised art criticism in the form of online conversations. In addition, Breivik writes for and is elected representative of the Norwegian Critics' Association. He was also the founder of "It is better", a queer reading group for young people at Deichman library in 2016, the same year he was an editor at Litteratur på Blå. Breivik is currently studying to attain the master's degree in art history at the University of Oslo.

About the lecture series

The lecture series "How to write about art?" is published every Tuesday at 4 pm as a standalone offering and in parallel with the writing course "How to write about art?".

The lectures are available on our website until 24th November.

The speakers:

  • Tuesday, October 13: Grace Tabea Tenga
    Writer, critic and danser who writes for Scenekunst, the Norwegian Shakespeare magazine,, from a post-colonial and feminist viewpoint.

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