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Skrivekunst Bjørn Hatterud

Bjørn Hatterud: How to write about art?

Monday 16.05.22

In the lecture series "How to write about art?" cultural writer, art critic, curator and musician Bjørn Hatterud shares his experiences and knowledge of how to write about art. A digital lecture for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in art and express themselves through text.

About the speaker

Bjørn Hatterud (b. 1977) is a curator, musician, critic and author. He is regularly writes for Billedkunst and Museumsnytt and is currently a curator at the National Library, KODE and Vigeland Museum. In August, his book Skeive ikoner will be published by Pitch publishing house as a result of his long-term work with photographer Finn Serck-Hansen and author Caroline Ugelstad Elnæs, which has also been presented as an exhibition in collaboration with Fotogalleriet.

Previous releases are Mjøsa rundt med mor (2020) which received the critics' award in the spring of 2021 and Mot normalt (2018) which was described as «a story about not fitting in, about growing up in Brumunddal and being deviant and queer in every way. This is a story of adversity and suffering, but not a sad story». 2022–2025, Hatterud has been appointed as a council member in the Cultural Council.

About the lecture series

How to write about art?" is a free, digital offer where experienced writers share their experiences and knowledge on how to write about art. The lecture series is published in connection with a seminar on how to write about art led by Aina Villanger.

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