Artists' studio program

Kunstnernes Hus has a studio program at the back of the house in collaboration with the Academy of Arts. Each year, eight recent graduated students from the Academy get a studio space funded. There, they work on new production in a stimulating and social environment, with close access to all the facilities of Kunstnernes Hus, as well as their own student driven art gallery on the ground floor: Akademirommet.

In addition to providing a work space and exhibition possibilities for recently graduated students, the studio program is an important part of Kunstnernes Hus' aim to be an institution for both viewing exhibitions and making new art production. The studio program is initiated and financed by Fondet for kunst- og designstudenter (FKDS), whose aim is to support students in the department of Fine Arts at the Academy of Oslo through various funding structures.

Artists 2019/2020

Espen Kvålsvoll

Elise Macmillan

Eva Rosa Hollup Roald

Kim Laybourn

Louise Jacobs

Nathalie Fuica Sanchez

Niels Munk Plum

Vilje Celin Kern Vestenfor

Espen Kvålsvoll

Espen Kvålsvoll's practice deals with a form of gathering. Gathering different pictures, objects, architectural elements and ornamentation. In recent years, his studio practice has isolated these objects and elements from their context and environment. His painting practice brings them together as compositions, removing their function and reducing them to a means of exploration, imagery, form and movement. He also works with expanded painting in the form of sculpture and installation. It is the materiality of the painting that is the starting point, the materiality of the surface as narrative traces of execution, treatment and preparation of a pictorial space. Recent projects are based on sources where he has used elements and ornaments from churches built in different time periods, interior objects, decorative interior, fences, spiral staircases from commercial sites, snapshots from his phone, internet, sketches, elements and pieces torn out of from buildings, houses and street surroundings. He would then process the material through drawing or by having the physical objects present in his studio.

He tends to explore different notions of imagery through various motifs in objects and pictures; ornamental, decorative, rigid and organic. By rotating, dismantling and reassembling the objects he forges associations and connections from different periods, environments and symbolism, while further abstracting them by the use of colour. By removing them from their context, it becomes a form of mapping objects, comparing differences and similarities.

Elise Macmillan

Elise Macmillan (b. California, USA, lives in Oslo) works with acoustic and electronic media. She performs and composes as EMACS, slicing and interweaving melodies into ghostly fragments and flexible rhythms. She studied computer music at Stanford University and Hardingfele in Telemark. Her new works combining strings and electronics with virtual and human voices will be recorded during residencies at the Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva and EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm

Eva Rosa Hollup Roald

Eva Rosa Hollup Roald's practice is primarily based in video, text, sound and photography. Thematically, her work is based upon various perceptions of reality, in connection with specific parts of the wild nature and/ or segments of society and individuals’ realities. She completed her MFA at Oslo Academy of the Arts in the spring of 2019. Her masters project was a video installation (Farm) made in collaboration with Ye Gyoung Choi. The project depicts the island Sleneset in the north of Norway, and the nearby industrial salmon farms. The series of photographs Displaced Settlement (2015- to date), a project depicting displaced algae, is also set on the island of Sleneset. The upcoming year will comprise of working on the script of a fictional film, research and adaptation of two documentary projects; one about memories, the other about avalanches. In addition to this she will continue working on a longer piece of text as well as continuation of the series Displaced Settlement.

Kim Laybourn

Kim Laybourn is a Danish artist, educated form the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, from where he holds a Bachelor and Master degree. Laybourn work in installation, sound, text, music, sculpture, photography, print, animation, CGI and video.

Louise Jacobs

Louise Jacobs(b.1987, Oslo) holds a BFA from The Rietveld Academy and has since studied at the Staedelschule in Frankfurt under the tutelage of Douglas Gordon. With a recent MA from The Oslo Academy of The Arts, Jacobs is currently a FKDS atelier candidate at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo. She works primarily with biographical desires, everyday material and verbal hallucinations through performance, text and sculpture, where emotions as site and labour can propel towards an artistic production of vulnerabilities.

Nathalie Fuica Sanchez

Nathalie Fuica Sanchez (b. 1985, Bulgaria) works with sculpture and installation where materials commonly used are textiles, clay, wood and ready-mades.

The starting point for an idea often consists of personal experiences and fragments from varied sources.

The most prominent aspects of the arts are thoughts on various forms of function, the formation of informal viewing and distribution platforms, the pursuit of positivity and the belief that art can be used as a health-promoting tool.

Niels Munk Plum

Niels Munk Plum (b. 1992, Denmark) works with staging narratives through performance, sound, installation and text. He has shown work in both Salzburg, Lisbon and Copenhagen. Recently in Norway he has been performing at Destiny's Gratinée at Kunstnernes Hus (2019) After School Special at Bergen Kunsthall (2018) and at Sexy Bydel at the Oslo Culture Night (2017).

Vilje Vestenfor

Vilje Vestenfor (b.1989, Oslo) holds a master from Oslo Academy of Fine Art and a bachelor from Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Through text, video, installation and performance she piece together fragments and create new contexts and narratives situated in the murky area between fact and fiction. Inner psychological states are linked to external circumstances such as the media reality, consumer culture and the self-optimization wave. In her work she thematize the conscious and unconscious strategies people develop to keep the sense of meaninglessness at an arm’s length.

Artists 2018/2019

Agatha Wara

Christoffer A. Danielsson

Kristian S. Augland

Love Terins

Mor Efrony

Rickard Ravnanger All

Sofie Brønner

Urd J. Pedersen

Artists 2017/2018

Ane Kvåle

Therese Frisk

Ronak Moshtaghi

Lykorgous Porfyris

Pete Fleming

Julie Karine Schie Olsen

Peder Horneland

Linnea Liukku

Artists 2016/2017

Anna Daniell

Carl Mannov

Jessica MacMillan

Nora Joung

Ray Hegelbach

Ask Vatne Brean

Eirik Magnus Slyngstad

Istvan Virag

Artists 2015/2016

Alan Armstrong

Tobias Danielsson

Solveig Lønseth

Miriam Hansen

Mikael Lo Presti

Andreas Øhman

Liv Karin Heie Ertzeid

Daniel Lynau

Artists 2014/2015

Knut Ivar Huseby Aaser

Tiago Bom

Serina Erfjord

Ina Hagen

Martin Titus Boguslav

Chandra Sen

Sigbjørn Pilskog

Urd J. Pedersen & Calle Segelberg