Camille Henrot

08.11.18 – 25.11.18

Kunstnernes Hus presents the films Kunstnernes Hus presenterer filmene Dying Living Woman, Deep Inside, Metawolf, Scope, Million Dollar’s point, Coupé/Décalé, The Strife of Love in a Dream and Grosse Fatigue. The films span a period of almost ten years, from 2005 to 2015. The program lasts a total of 40 minutes, and runs through the opening hours. In total, Henrot's films challenge traditional notions of memory, film media and cultural exchange, and question conventional ways of understanding the world.

About the artist

Camille Henrot had a breakthrough at the Venice Biennale in 2014 where she won the prestigious Silver Lion award for her video Grosse Fatigue. Since then, Henrot has produced a number of exhibitions in international institutions such as Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna, 2017), Fondazione Memmo (Rome, 2016), New Museum (New York, 2014) and Palais de Tokyo (Paris, 2017).

About Silver Series

Silver Series is Kunstnernes Hus' new series in the cinema where we present international artists working on film and video. With Silver Series, our cinema aims to exhibit audiovisual art in an optimally recognised environment. Silver Series focuses on international artists working with the film medium, and takes the form of "mini-retrospective presentations" by the artists.