Melanie Kitti - Open carry aches

11.01.19 – 13.01.19

Welcome to the opening at the Academy Room Friday, January 11th at. 7:00 pm! Melanie Kitti (SE) is an MFA student at Kunstkadamemiet. Sophie de Rohan Birkeland, graduation student at Westerdals, has written the text and composed the music on the occasion of the exhibition and will perform the song at the opening at. 8:00 p.m.

The exhibition is then open Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 January from 14:00 to 18:00.

It’s a Lonesome Time Being Lonesome
Music and lyrics: Sophie de Rohan Birkeland


Mama, I’ve been out riding since spring

Left without notice, left you on your own

But the sunset had started to sting

And the sunrise has followed me home

Mama, I met a boy by the canyon

I don’t think you’d like him, but I hoped you could

I’ve never once had a companion

You taught me that I never would


Oh, I ain’t easy to love, I said

And I ain’t easy to hold, he said

He said this life is above my bend

It’s a lonesome time being lonesome


Mama, he had a heavy life to carry

And you gave me one of my own

He cried saying we’d never marry

Our curse is being alone


Oh, I can’t give you a home, he said

And I can’t give you a life, I said

Oh, the full blooded moon on the roof of the saloon

It’s a lonesome time being lonesome


Mama, I’m not the girl you expected

But I’m growing into my own

Never wanted and never protected

But I pray you’ll let me come home


Oh, I’m sorry I left you alone so long

But Mama, you told me I don’t belong

Now my boots are soft and my hat is gone

And I’ve been riding dusk till dawn

It’s been a lonesome time being lonesome