Joakim Mathisen and Felix Dahlström

25.01.19 – 27.01.19

Joakim Mathisen (NO) and Felix Dahlström Persson (SE) are current BFA students at the art academy. What links can be explored between the spatiality of functionalist architecture with public-space processes, momentum and aesthetics? In the exhibition DOOR OPENS TO THE STREET, we want to investigate how the Academy's functionalism architecture is related to the contemporary cityscape. The release is the result of a process-based collaboration between Joakim Mathisen and Felix Dahlström Persson, both of whom are BA students at the Academy of Fine Arts

Welcome to the opening open Friday April 25th at 7PM where we will serve refreshments, as well as Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th from 1PM to 5PM.