Ed Atkins

22.08.19 – 15.09.19

Kunstnernes Hus is proud to present a new edition of SILVER SERIES with a newly minted redux of works by British artist Ed Atkins.

In his video works, Atkins plumbs the corporeal depths of digital moving imagery. Computer generated animation, emo musical theatre, collaged stock imagery, field recording, performance capture, disease, motion graphics and starless humour muster within his videos. Atkins’ unique visual language, both melancholic and absurd, confronts the viewer with intimate, arcane visions that seem caught in a purgatory of afterwards.

The work is shown in a loop at the cinema. See below for the dates and times of the viewings.

Torsdag til søndag
22.08.19 – 15.09.19
Kino, Kunstnernes Hus
Wergelandsveien 17 NO-0167 Oslo
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Voksen 50,-
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The film shows the following dates:

22. august (opening) at 19:00. Buy tickets here.

23. august 11:00-18:00

24. august 11:00-18:00

30. august 11:00-18:00

31. august 11:00-18:00

5. september 11:00-18:00

7. september 11:00-18:00

8. september 11:00-18:00

12. september 11:00-18:00

13. september 11:00-22:00

14. september 11:00-18:00

15. september 11:00-18:00

About the presentation

For his presentation in Kunstnernes Hus’ cinema, entitled Death Mask 5, Atkins will present a specially compiled mix of works from the past decade. Sequenced and edited like a particularly adventurous provincial multiplex programme, Atkins’ assemblage will feature unseen tests, trailers and teasers interspersing sections of significant works from his catalogue.

With all his video works, Atkins has insisted on their being installed rather than screened, emphasising a different kind of encounter, where a viewer is seldom afforded the succour of a seat, the dark, dramatic redemption. Atkins’ videos might better be thought of as travesties of cinema. Since installation is a precondition of most of his videos’ presentation, a new configuration of his oeuvre was necessary for Kunstnernes Hus’ cinema. Consequently, Atkins has put together a reel that, like the works he has excerpted, follows conventions of form and genre in order to expose them, to get close to them – the better to pervert them to his queasy, intimate ends.

About the artist

 Ed Atkins (b. 1982, Oxford, UK) lives and works in Copenhagen. Recent solo exhibitions include Kunsthaus Bregenz and K21 Düsseldorf (both 2019); Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin; MMK Frankfurt; DHC/ART, Montréal (all 2017); Castello di Rivoli and Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin; The Kitchen, New York (all 2016); Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2015), The Serpentine Gallery, London (2014); and MoMA PS1 (2012). Ed was included in the the 56th and 58th Venice Biennales, the 13th Lyon Biennial, and Performa 13.