Vinternatt by Lars Monrad Vaage


Welcome to the free screening of Lars Monrad Vaage's Vinternatt (14 min, loop), which will be shown at Kunstnernes Hus Kino between 5 and 7.45 pm. On the same evening, Kunstnernes Hus would like to invite all friends of the house to an informal Christmas celebration.

Click here to download the Kunstnernes Hus Kino program for November/December 2019.

About the film

Vinternatt (before: Sarkofag) is the second film in Lars Monrad Vaage's series of films based on earlier paintings. In Solslyng (2016), repeated attempts were made to shoot the sun back up into the sky after sunset at summer solstice. While Solslyng was about the sun and the fight against sunset and gravity, Vinternatt takes place in midwinter and the whole story is told through light effects. Snow crystals gleam like a sea of diamonds as the moon emerges from behind the clouds, and the entire motif turns into a monochrome surface as the fog comes drifting. Civilization and language are overcome by the sensual surfaces of natural phenomena and, as in a pagan ritual, a world of soft and polite anarchism opens.

The visual work was created in collaboration with Øyvind Aspen, the audio work in collaboration with Are Mokkelbost. The project has received support from the Norwegian Arts Council and the Billedkunstnernes Hjelpefond.

About the artist

Lars Monrad Vaage was educated at the art academies in Helsinki and Oslo. He works with painting, drawing, and film, and has exhibited at the Technical Museum Oslo, Momentum (Moss), and Galerie Sabine Knust (Munich).

Laget av
Lars Monrad Vaage
14 min