We Are Here Now

Film screening with introduction

Mariken Halle's latest film We Are Here Now follows a maternity group for a year. A sharp and intimate portrait of society that confirms Halle's position as one of the most original voices in Norwegian film.

Director Mariken Halle and actors Magnus Mork, Alfred Eielsen Halle and Ingrid Liavaag will be present to introduce the film.

About the film

A maternity group meets regularly for lunch. With the children on their arms, the young parents discuss everything from everyday issues - what can the children eat and what not? - to global politics, sharing future plans and concerns, and exposing each other in their strained relationships and personal challenges.

In We Are Here Now, the camera is perceived as a fly on the wall and the story unfolds in the form of partially improvised scenes. As in her previous films, Halle here challenges the distinction between documentary and fiction.

About the filmmaker

Mariken Halle (b. 1980) is a Norwegian filmmaker and producer. She is educated at Nordland Art and Film School and the Academy Valand in Gothenburg. She has co-founded the Norwegian-Swedish production company Vapen och Dramatik, as well as the film collective Alternativet, which she has been a part of since 2017. We Are Here Now is her third feature film after Maybe Tomorrow (2011) and The World is Waiting (2014 ).

We Are Here Now
Mariken Halle
1 h 39 min
Norway, Sweden
Norwegian, Swedish