Under Earth

Film trilogy by Ingrid Torvund

Welcome to the screening of the Under Earth-trilogy by Norwegian artist Ingrid Torvund. The films are based on Torvund's interest in nature, folklore and science fiction. Torvund will be present after the screening to answer questions from the audience.

About the films

Under Earth consists of the films Magic Blood Machine (2012), When I go out I bleed magic (2015) and I found you under earth, under blood (2019). Torvund's macabre trilogy is based on her interest in nature, folklore and science fiction. Through handmade costumes and lo-fi special effects, we are introduced to the mysteries and rituals associated with life, death, time travel, hope and resurrection- a sort of personal mythology rooted in the landscape of Torvund's home municipality Telemark. The films have no ordinary narrative structure and and no main character.

The films are made in collaboration with Jonas Mailand, who was responsible for filming and idea development. The music in all of the three films was composed by Jan Erik Mikalsen, Martin Langlie and Jonas Mailand.

About the artist

Ingrid Torvund (born 1985 in Kviteseid in Telemark, works in Oslo) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo (KHiO) in 2012. She works with mythology, superstition, science fiction and nature, primarily through film.

Torvund has exhibited in a number of places in Norway and abroad, the most recent separate exhibitions being "Under earth" at Kunsthall Oslo and "Protection against an evil friend" at the SOFT gallery in Oslo. In 2020, Torvund will exhibit at the Kunsthall Cotton Factory, Spriten Kunsthall, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Museum Angewandte Kunst and Felleshuset the Nordic embassies in Berlin.

She has also participated in group exhibitions such as: Coexistence, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland, Frankfurter Buchmesse at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt, The Oslo Museum of Contemporary Art, at Kunsthall Oslo, Nordic Matters, Southbank Center in London, Book Art at Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall in Arendal, Plus Plus at Blackbox in Oslo and Sound VS. System at Kunsthall Oslo.

She also published the book "When I Go Out In Bleed Magic" (Torpedo Press, 2015) with nearly three hundred drawings from the period 2011-2013.