PRISMS with Nora Joung


PRISMS is a project that invites you to speculate on what is considered to be artistic film, and what should be part of the history of artistic moving images in Norway. Guests from the art field are invited to show works they consider to be central to re-evaluate and renew the conversation about what experimental, vivid images are in a Norwegian/Scandinavian context.

The first guest is artist and critic Nora Joung, who is one of the jury members of this year's Autumn Exhibition. The conversation will be held in English and led by Mike Sperlinger, the initiator of PRISMS.

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Wednesday 11.11.20


Nora Joung, Windows (Norway, 2018, digital video, 6 mins)

The Austrian architect Adolf Loos famously attacked tattoos as ‘primitive’ in his essay ‘Ornament and Crime’ - so why does his Baker house seem to have tattoos across its facade? Windows is a short video essay speculating about bodies, buildings and why - according to Loos - “a cultivated man does not look out of his windows”.

Ane Kvåle, Untitled, (Norway, 2014, HD video, 1 min 36 secs)

A bathroom sink serves as a scene for a short loop. A dangling plug hits a stream of water from the faucet, as faithfully as a metronome. Pushed back by the water’s movement, the plug swings back and forth percussively. Robbed of other stimuli, the sounds and movements in the basin become engulfing, turning a mundane occurence into a hypnotic choreography

Ane Kvåle, Rosy-fingered, (Norway, 2018, HD video, 4 mins 39 secs)

In Homer’s The Odyssey, the dawning day is presented, always with the same line: emos d’erigeneia phane rhododaktulos eos (but when early-born rosy-fingered Dawn appeared). In Kvåle’s video, we watch the clouds from a god-like vantage point: from above, as a thespian voice welcomes dawn some twenty times, offering small variations over Homer’s original. Kvåle’s work is an unexpected epic, collapsing time while depicting perpetual beginnings.

Joyce Wieland, Sailboat (Canada, 1967, 16mm transferred to digital video, 3 mins)

"Sailboat has the simplicity of a child's drawing. A toy-like image of a sailboat sails without interruption on the water, to the sound of roaring waves, which seems to underline the image to the point of exaggeration, somewhat in the way a child might draw a picture of water and write word sounds on it to make it as emphatic as possible. The little image is interrupted at one point by a huge shoulder appearing briefly in the left-hand corner." - Robert Cowan, Take One

Joyce Wieland, Rat Life and Diet in North America (Canada, 1968, 16mm transferred to digital video, 16 mins)

"I can tell you that Wieland's film holds. It may be about the best (or richest) political movie around. It's all about rebels (enacted by real rats) and police (enacted by real cats). After long suffering under the cats, the rats break out of prison and escape to Canada. There they take up organic gardening, with no DDT in the grass. It is a parable, a satire, an adventure movie, or you can call it pop art or any art you want - I find it one of the most original films made recently." - Jonas Mekas

About Nora Joung

Nora Joung (b. 1989 in Bergen, Norway) is a graduate of the Bergen Academy of Art (BA), Akademin Valand and the Oslo Academy of Art (MA). A prolific critic and writer, Joung’s artistic practice is mainly focused on installations and text. She works on the editorial board of the small publishing house H//O//F and is one of four people organizing the artist-run exhibition venue Destiny’s in Oslo. Recent projects include Game of Life IV - Prospektkabinettet in Kristiansand Kunsthall, and the performance Grini and Norway’s Futures at OsloBiennalen. Nora Joung lives and works in Oslo.

About Mike Sperlinger

Mike Sperlinger is a curator and writer, as well as professor of writing practice at KHiO. In 2002, he co-founded LUX, a London-based agency for artists working with the moving image. Sperlinger acted over a decade as assistant director developing the distribution of LUX's film and video collection.

Nora Joung

Mike Sperlinger

PRISMS will travel to several Norwegian cities before returning to Oslo and Kunstnernes Hus Cinema for a final event in 2021.