Portrait of a Lady on Fire

by Céline Sciamma
12.01.20 – 15.01.20

French Céline Sciamma is the director behind several groundbreaking films about gender, sexuality, and upbringing such as Tomboy (2011) and Girlhood (2014). Her latest film Portrait of a Lady on Fire was one of the most anticipated films at this year's Cannes Film Festival, winning both the Best Screenplay Award and the Queer Palm.

About the film

The artist Marianne arrives at an isolated island in late 18th century Brittany. She is commissioned to paint a portrait of the soon-to-be bride, Héloïse. Several have tried to paint her before, but as this represents her only possibility of protesting against an arranged marriage, Héloïse refuses to be portrayed.

About the director

Céline Sciamma (b. 1978) studied French Literature before enrolling in the renowned film school La Fémis. Ever since her debut film Naissances des pieuvres/Water Lilies (2004) she continues to create iconic films that center around sexuality, feminism and the close study of her female characters.

Portrett av en kvinne i flammer (o.t. Portrait de la jeune fille en feu)
Céline Sciamma
1t 59 min
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