Panamá by Javier Izquierdo

osloBIENNALEN film program

Welcome to the screening of Panama (2019) by Ecuadorian filmmaker Javier Izquierdo. The screening will be followed by the film A Secret in the Box (2016, dir. Izquierdo). Following this will be an artist talk between the film maker and writer Trond Lundemo.

The film will be shown as part of the film program "Where Memories Are Made", which is arranged in collaboration between osloBIENNALEN and Kunstnernes Hus. The screenings are free of charge but require registration.

About the film

A long conversation between two friends from the past who meet coincidentally in a foreign city to find out how much they have changed and all that they share. One is a banker and the other a guerrilla member and both are trapped in their activities. Panamá City in the eighties, both a tax haven and a place of political asylum, is the backdrop of this story about friendship and false identities that takes place during 24 hours.

About the film program

«Where Memories Are Made» is a week-long film program organised by osloBIENNALEN in cooperation with Kunstnernes Hus.

Javier Izquierdo
75 min