by Frelle Petersen
12.08.20 – 16.09.20

27-year-old Kris lives with her partially disabled uncle on a small farm in southern Denmark. Without Kris, the uncle would not be able to keep the farm running. Even though the two of them have a close relationship and a great understanding of each other, they spend most of their daily lives in silence. Uncle has won a number of awards and received brilliant reception from Norwegian film critics.

"En av de beste danske filmer jeg har sett om det menneskelige drama som springer ut av konflikten mellom lyst og plikt."

- Politiken

About the film

Uncle is a small film that has become a great success in cinemas in Denmark. On a small farm in the far south of Denmark, 27-year-old Kris lives with her uncle. It's the uncle's farm, but he is partially disabled. Without Kris, the uncle would not be able to continue. The two of them have a close relationship and great understanding for each other, but spend most of their everyday lives in silence.

When Kris rescues a calf that is dying during birth, her old dream of becoming a veterinarian is awakened. She develops a friendship with the talkative vet Johannes and slowly discovers a life outside the farm. She also meets Mike, a young man who sings in the church choir and who shows interest in her. Kris is faced with a difficult dilemma. Should she stay on the farm or follow her dream?

Director Frelle Petersen lived for several months on the farm where the film takes place and wrote the script while he helped with the work there. Jette Søndergaard, who plays the main role as Kris, is a veterinarian in real life and it is her real uncle who plays the uncle in the film. In order for the film to feel as authentic as possible, all roles are played by non-professionals who live within a radius of 15 km around the farm in the film. The result is a humorous and touching film about those who wonder whether the should stay where they come from.

Uncle won the audience award at the Kosmorama Film Festival in Trondheim. It has also won the main prize at the Tokyo Film Festival and a number of prizes in Denmark.

About the filmmaker

Frelle Petersen (b. 1980) started as a director's assistant in the film industry in 2003. Since then he has directed a number of award-winning short films. He debuted as feature film director with Hundeliv (2016), which was screened at the Seattle International Film Festival and nominated for the Danish Bodil Prize. Uncle (2019) is his second feature film.

In 2013 Petersen founded the production company 88miles together with producer Marco Lorenzen. The company has produced both Hundeliv and Uncle.

Frelle Peterson
1h 46 min
Danish with English subtitles