Notes on a Memorial by Jonas Dahlberg

osloBIENNALEN film program
18.10.19 – 25.10.19

Welcome to the Norwegian premiere of Jonas Dahlberg's film Notes on a Memorial (2018), which focuses on the process and politics over the years the artist has worked to create a memorial site after the July 22, 2011 terrorist attack.

The film will be shown as part of the film program "Where Memories Are Made", which is arranged in collaboration between osloBIENNALEN and Kunstnernes Hus. The screenings are free of charge but require registration.

Idag 20.10.19
Friday 25.10.19

About the film

In 2014, artist Jonas Dahlberg won the government competition to create the national memorials for the July 22, 2011 massacre. Titled Memory Wound, his planned memorial to the Utøya massacre, would have dramatically cut a channel across the Sørbråten peninsula, which faces the Utøya Island. Proposing to create ‘a wound or a cut within the landscape’ to symbolise the feeling of loss, the plan evoked a mixed response from a group of local residents, resulting in the cancellation of the project. Dahlberg’s new work, Notes on a Memorial, is a film about the process and politics around the 3-4 years working on these memorials.

About the artist

Jonas Dahlberg (b. 1970) is an artist based in Stockholm working with a diverse practice at the intersection between art and architecture, the personal and the political.

Om filmprogrammet

«Where Memories Are Made» er et ukelangt filmprogram og seminar organisert av osloBIENNALEN FØRSTE UTGAVE 2019-24, i samarbeid med Kunstnernes Hus. Programmet inneholder nye produksjoner og tidligere arbeider av Jonas Dahlberg, Javier Izquierdo og Dora García, samt en referansefilm valgt av Dora Garciá: Asylum av Peter Robinson. Filmene er gratis, men på grunn av begrenset antall seter anbefales reservasjon av billetter.

Notes on a Memorial
Jonas Dahlberg
35 min