Nordland College of Art and Film


Nordland College of Art and Film proudly presents a screening programme consisting of works by current and recently graduated students from the small school up north in Lofoten.

The programme consists of ten different works existing on the spectrum between film and visual art. This range of practice mirrors the direction the school has undergone in recent years, from being one of the most acknowledged vocational schools in the field of art and film, toward becoming the first BA in Moving Image offered in Norway.

The BA in Moving Images includes both film and visual arts instruction in the same course, in order to expand and challenge both fields. The course emphasises both production and reflection on moving images as they permeate contemporary culture, referring to the historical for context and continuity, and accentuating their inherent political potential. All this while responding to a field undergoing rapid development both technologically and in terms of content.

The screening programme is divided into two parts. The first selection of works explores the transformative potential of the mundane, how life as we know it can become increasingly politicized, taking different forms. The second selection of works presents a multiplicity of approaches with regard to questioning gender roles, identity, and the search for community despite forces of exclusion.

Between the screenings there will be a conversation between the artists present and Erik Martinson, curator in residence at Nordland College of Art and Film. The conversation will cover working methods with moving images, with a particular focus on experimentation, as well as the relationship between form and content.