Cancelled! I Am Half Sick of Shadows

by Nazaré Soares

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.s

Welcome to the performance of Nazaré Soare's new work I Am Half Sick of Shadows. This cinematic ceremony includes a stream of live images filmed by Soares, a live performed film score and a textile installation.

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Sunday 22.11.20

About the performance

Nazaré Soare's new work is a cinematic ceremony consisting of four acts: silver, gold, bronze and iron. It is based on Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Bells, which was published posthumously. The music is composed by transcribing visual cues from turn signals, and the theme revolves around the relationship between the earth and humans. The music is performed live, to a stream of live images filmed by Soares.

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About Nazaré Soares

Nazaré Soares (Spain) is an artist and curator, working around notions of invisibility, imperceptibility, and magic engineering. Her research and practice When the Spell is Broken (2014 and onwards) is developed from her interest in systems of interconnectivity deeply grounded in topographies of the imaginary spaces. How mediation and translation processes within ontologies of these systems coexist with the body, language, landscape, and invisible architectures. Her practice interweaves, psychoacoustic and cinematic spaces, speculative design and performance arts, incubating spaces for ritual, and incubation means.

Soares obtained a Master's Degree in Fine Art from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2017) and graduated from Brighton University with a First-class degree in Moving Image Arts in 2014. She is a founder of Invisibledrum, a Norway-based art platform investigating relationships and interconnections within technology, art, ecologies, and animistic systems in contemporary society. Her work has been exhibited at numerous art venues and festivals worldwide, including Art & Science Museum of Singapore, Palais des congrès of Montréal, Metamorf Art & Technology Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Art of Ethiopia, Brighton Museum, Fabrica Gallery Brighton, Indian Habitat Centre, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Centro Botín, and Sonar Music & Technology Festival.

I Am Half Sick of Shadows
Nazaré Soares
60 min
Main composer & performer
Andreas Elvenes
Live Processing & performer
Linnea Jansson
Cellist & performer
Nina Günther
Second composer
Ada Mathea Hoel
Maria Eva Russo
Sarah Schipschack