Leviathan (2012) by Paravel and Castaing-Taylor

06.10.19 – 13.10.19

In the very waters where Melville’s Pequod gave chase to Moby Dick, Leviathan captures the collaborative clash of man, nature, and machine. Shot on a dozen cameras — tossed and tethered, passed from fisherman to filmmaker — it is a cosmic portrait of one of mankind’s oldest endeavors. An intense film experience for all human senses!

In cooperation with the international collaborative project ENSAYOS.

"It conveys the brutal toll that the enterprise takes on the workers and on the ocean, and it could even be read as an environmental parable in which the sea threatens to exact its revenge on humanity." - A.O. Scott, The New York Times

About the film

This experimental documentary film shows captivating footage of an American fishing boat and its crew throughout a night. The movie is filmed with sports cameras placed on the boat itself, on its trawl and under water - the perspective dissolves and human beings play a secondary role. The fact that the film is without any commentary makes this bleak and hypnotic movie experience even more intense.

About the directors

Lucien Castaing-Taylor is a British anthropolgist, artist and Director at the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard University.

Véréna Paravel is a French anthropologist and artist working with film, video and photography. Her works have been exhibited at MoMa, Tate, Whitney Biennal and documenta 14, amongst others.

Véréna Paravel og Lucien Castaing-Taylor
Frankrike, Storbritannia, USA
1 t 27 min