Home Cinema: Camilla Figenschou

Bow and Arrow (2016)
08.04.20 – 15.04.20

Kunstnernes Hus' cinema is bringing some of our favourite films home to you. This time: Bow and Arrow (orig. Pil og bue, 2016) by Norwegian director Camilla Figenschou. The film will be accessible between Wednesday, April 8 from 6 pm until Wednesday, April 15, 6 pm.

We had a brief chat with Camilla Figenschou on how she experiences the current situation. Click here to read the interview (in Norwegian).

About the film

In Bow and Arrow, spectators are invited into a real-life environment, a horse center in the north of Norway. At Bjørkengen farm, the biologist Tiu Simæle and the doctor Anders Svensson are conducting a treatment project for disadvantaged youth, where various types of work with horses are in focus. Caring for the horses, horseback riding, horse massage and arrow-and-bow shooting are some of the activities the youngsters get to try. On the farm, they also offer Equine-assisted psychotherapy, a form of treatment in which the horse's ability to read and understand body language is used to visualize human behavioral patterns. By means of the minimalist plot and careful camera work, the film's strength lies in how it allows the environment and the landscape to speak for itself, and even more "directly" so than if it were presented in traditional narrative or documentary.

About the filmmaker

Camilla Figenschou (b. 1978, Lofoten) is a filmmaker and visual artist educated from Konstfack in Stockholm, Film Studies at Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, and at Nordland College of Art and Film. She works mainly with narrative film and photography. In 2010 she debuted with her first short film The beginning of no night. To open, to see (2012) was widely shown internationally, and won the prestigious Terje Vigen award at the Grimstad short filmfestival in 2012. In 2016 she shot her first feature length film Bow and Arrow. Her latest film Tauba will be forthcoming this year.

About Kunstnernes Hus Home Cinema

Kunstnernes Hus Kino is closed until further notice. But we intend to continue supporting both Norwegian and international filmmakers through making their films available to our public. We're therefore thrilled to launch Kunstnernes Hus Home Cinema.

This is how it works: a new film will be available for viewing on our website each Wednesday at 6pm. The films chosen are either movies shown at our cinema or a work by a filmmaker that will come to visit us later in the year, to familiarise the audience with his or her practice. Each film will be available for a week. In addition, short interviews will be published, where filmmakers talk more about their film as well as their experience of this peculiar time.

Kunstnernes Hus Home Cinema is free for everybody. Should you want to support us, our team, the filmmaker or the artist, feel free to become a member of Kunstnernes Hus or vipps us any amount that you like (Vipps: 563558).

Thank you and happy watching.

Pil og bue
Camilla Figenschou
1t 5 min
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