Home Cinema: Mariken Halle

The World is Waiting (2014)
29.04.20 – 06.05.20

Kunstnernes Hus Home Cinema is bringing a handpicked selection of our favourite films home to you, with a new film being made available every Wednesday at 6 pm. Mariken Halle's feature film The World is Waiting (2014) is a fascinating comedy-drama that was shot at Kunstnernes Hus. By means of its complex composition of images, the film tells several storylines simultaneously and viewers are invited to draw connections between the different parts. As a result, the movie is worth to be watched several times, with new details revealing themselves with each viewing.

The World is Waiting will be available for free from Wednesday, April 29 at 6 pm until Wednesday, May 6 at 6 pm.

"Not since Erik Løchen's films has a filmmaker made more interesting cinematic counter-performances here in this country."

- Jon Inge Faldalen, Rushprint

About the film

Three Swedish women are working at one of Oslo's restaurants one summer. They want to save up money to be able to start their own theatre. They talk about food and the restaurant's menu while receiving advice from older men on how to run a corporation. That there is a lot to think about before you start. Whether one should start at all. The camera pans over to the restaurant's guests. Many seem concerned. They argue about money. A pregnant woman collapses during her own baby shower. A father figure shows up with bigger and bigger presents. A premiere party for a movie that no one of the people and actors involved is convinced of. The waitresses guide us around in these scenes. They know something we don't, and together with the people around them they try to make sense of adult life.

Nysgjerrig på mer? Her kan du bla gjennom rolleinstruksjonene til en del av karakterene i filmens Premieremiddagsscenen.

About the filmmaker

Mariken Halle (b. 1982) is a Norwegian filmmaker. She graduated from the Nordland Art and Film School and the Valand Academy in Gothenburg. She co-founded the Norwegian-Swedish production company Vapen och Dramatik, as well as the film collective Alternativet, which she has been a part of since 2017.

About Kunstnernes Hus Home Cinema

Kunstnernes Hus Cinema is closed until further notice. But we intend to continue supporting both Norwegian and international filmmakers through making their films available to our public. We're therefore thrilled to launch Kunstnernes Hus Home Cinema.

This is how it works: a new film will be available for viewing on our website each Wednesday at 6pm. The films chosen are either movies shown at our cinema or a work by a filmmaker that will come to visit us later in the year, to familiarise the audience with his or her practice. Each film will be available for a week. In addition, short interviews will be published, where filmmakers talk more about their film as well as their experience of this peculiar time.

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Thank you and happy watching!

The World is Waiting
Mariken Halle
1h 50 min
Norway, Sweden
Norwegian and Swedish, no subtitles