Trygve Luktvasslimo

Film program and artist talk

Welcome to the film screening featuring Norwegian artist Trygve Luktvasslimo. We will be screening four of his films, including the Oslo premiere of his latest film Den veganske tannbørsten (2019). In a fine balance between seriousness and comedy, Luktvasslimo's work deals with the exploration of existential concepts and people's eternal quest for the meaning in life.


18:00 Filmprogram:

Leirdue (9 min, 2018)

The two first films in the trilogy about Thor the pop star:

A More Robust Sense of Identity (17 min, 2014)

An Emotional Sherpa (21 min, 2015)

Den veganske tannbørsten (2019, 37 min)

19:30 Conversation between film maker Trygve Luktvasslimo and Kunstnernes Hus Kino Head of Program Silja Espolin Johnson

About the films

Den veganske tannbørsten (2019)

As the luxury apartment ship The World sails past Lofoten, climate revolutionaries Amelia (14) and Steven (12) hijack the vessel, as part of their plan to eliminate society's worst enemy: indifferent adults.

Leirdue (2018):

When the ship Hurtigruten sank to the bottom, also known as "Northern Norway's Titanic", there was only one survivor. In Leirdue, this young man Azaar (Benjamin Hov Golas) is invited with his miraculous story of suffering to perform in a classic armchair interview with TV personality Synne (played by deputy mayor of Bodø, Synne Høyforsslett Bjørbæk).

Trhe trilogy Et liv uten ekko (2014-2016):

Lightning has struck down pop artist Thor, but he survived until now. Due to his weakness for spectacular revelations, Thor decides to twist and turn this near-death experience into something dramatic and image-building.

About the artist

Trygve Luktvasslimo (1978) is an artist based in Valberg, Lofoten. He writes screenplays and directs, sometimes makes music and sews costumes, and he often plays in his own films.