Brideshead Revisited

22.02.20 – 23.02.20

A rare opportunity to watch the legendary TV-series Brideshead Revisited on the big screen at Kunstnernes Hus Kino! The program is traversed by short tributes and presentations by author Hans Petter Blad, critic and writer Kaja Schjerven Mollerin, visual artist and writer Morten Andenæs, editor and author Rob Young, professor of neuroscience Siri Leknes, and translator and writer Johanne Fronth-Nygren.

You can either sit right through all eleven episodes, or come and go to catch your favourite moments. The marathon will be both a family meeting for old Bridesheaders - those of us who have a long and close relationship with the series and the book - and a chance to convert to the cult. Saturday night there will be a party including a tailor-made drink menu in Lofthus Samvirkelag.

Brideshead Revisited is a collaboration with author Hans Petter Blad and translator Johanne Fronth Nygren. Tickets cost 250, - for the whole weekend (200, - for students). NB! Tickets purchased via the link below are valid for both Saturday and Sunday. Welcome!

"Charm is the great English blight. It does not exist outside these damp islands. It spots and kills anything it touches. It kills love; it kills art; I greatly fear, Charles, it has killed you."

Saturday February 22


12.00 Words of welcome by Blad & Fronth-Nygren

Johanne Fronth-Nygren: «Kostskolebøller og hjemløse sjarmtroll: Brideshead i Brexitland»

12.15 Screening of episode 1 «Et in Arcadia Ego» – 2 «Home and Abroad»

14.50 Break

15.30 Siri Leknes: «Smerte, nytelse og lettelse i Oxford»

Morten Andenæs: «It’s fate stupid, eller Brideshead sett fra et Block Watne-hus på Slemdal»

15.50 Screening of episode 3 «The Bleak Light of Day» – 4 «Sebastian Against the World» – 5 «A Blow Upon a Bruise»

18.30 Party at the bar with Brideshead-inspired drinks

Sunday February 23


12.00 Words of welcome by Blad & Fronth-Nygren

Hans Petter Blad: «Et farvel til den britiske romanen?»

12.15 Screening of episode 6 «Julia» – 7 «The Unseen Hook» – 8 «Brideshead Deserted»

14.50 Break

15.30 Rob Young: «Brideshead vs. Downton Abbey: The English Country House Aristo Clash»

Kaja Schjerven Mollerin: «Hellig og profan kjærlighet i Brideshead»

15.50 Screening of episode 9 «Orphans of the Storm» – 10 «A Twitch Upon the Thread»

17.35 Break

17.45 Screening of episode 11 «Brideshead Revisited»

19.15 Goodbye for this time

Brideshead Revisited
10h 59min (11 episoder)