Anne at 13,000 ft

by Kazik Radwanski
26.08.20 – 30.08.20

Anne is in her late twenties and works at a kindergarten. After a parachute jump, she is unable to properly land on her feet again. But has her life ever actually been in balance? Her growing desire for jumping again takes gradually control of her everyday life. Anne starts engaging in small chance games and inappropriate behaviours, reminiscent of Cassavetes' A Woman Under the Influence.

"A riveting and radical act of empathy, with actress Deragh Campbell’s unforgettably embodied portrayal of mental instability as the eye of its storm, Canadian director Kazik Radwanski’s astonishing third feature is a brief, bracing burst of microbudget indie filmmaking at its most powerful."

- Variety

About the film

Anne has a seemingly ordinary and stable life as a single daycare worker in Toronto. But after an overwhelming skydiving trip for her best friend Sara's bachelorette party, the ground shifts beneath Anne's feet. She starts to bring a care-free joyfulness to her conservative job, the effects of which spill over into her personal life. At Sara's wedding, Anne meets Matt who takes to her offbeat, confrontational charms, but she soon finds herself pushing the limits of what's socially acceptable. Anne at 13,000 ft is a rigorous, volatile portrait of a young woman struggling to come down to earth.

About the filmmaker

Kazik Radwanski (b. 1985, Toronto) is a Canadian director and screen writer. He is known to produce films with an extremely low budget, such as Tower (2012) which premiered at the Locarno Film festival and How Heavy This Hammer (2015), which was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival and New York Film Festival. Radwanski is being regarded as one of Canada's most promising and talented filmmakers.

Anne at 13,000 ft
Kazik Radwanski
1h 15 min