Room for Collective Encounters (R.C.E.)

at Akademirommet
09.11.19 – 17.11.19

Room for Collective Encounters is a nine day gathering of events, a reading camp of sorts exploring different methods of how to engage with text through the act of reading. We will explore reading collectively via THE READERS, live readings and performative ones (yes, there is a difference, you’ll see), not to mention a provisional library and a reading room. R.C.E. will reside in Akademirommet, on the backside of Kunstnernes Hus.The R.C.E. library will house printed work from thinkers, activists, anthropologistspoets, and authors that work with notions of time, politics, speculative histories and or chronologies that operate outside of linear structures and systems. The Library will act as a living bibliography. All book titles, reading material and program of R.C.E. is available through the STRUKTURA website.

The full daily program of all activities is available here:


// THE READERS is a group initiated by Stacey de Voe that seeks to challenge dominant modes of reading, by collective reading aloud, focusing on texts as tactisc for working across differences, to connect with others and our histories.

Room for Collective Encounters ( R.C.E. ) Library is open from Tuesday to Sunday 11:00-17:00 (19:00 on Thursday).