Concert - POING

16.02.19 — Kl 14:00 - 16:00

POING is Rolf-Erik Nystrøm on saxophone, Frode Haltli on accordion and Håkon Thelin on double bass. The ensemble was initiated by Lars Petter Hagen in 1999, and was initially started to present new young Norwegian contemporary music. This is still an important part of POING's business, and at this concert the ensemble plays newly written music by the four (relatively young) composers Lars Skoglund, Stine Sørlie, Jan Erik Mikalsen and Martin Rane Bauck. The concert also marks the start of POING's 20th anniversary, and the line is drawn directly back to POING's first concert (s) where they just performed a bunch of pieces by peers composers.

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Lars Skoglund: Aftenrøde (2019) - Premiere

Stine Sørlie: In absentia (2018)

Jan Erik Mikalsen: Scénes (2018)

Martin Rane Bauck: vela (2014/2018) - Premiere

Since its start, POING has performed over 100 pieces by European, Asian and American composers, as well as playing an unknown number of events ranging from early music to romantic battles such as Mahler's 6th Symphony, to collaborate with Maja S.K. Ratkje in songs related to the labor movement and socialism, to concerts with deLillos and many, many others. Among other things, POING has collaborated with Swedish, Danish, Swiss, Nepalese, American, Azerbaijani, Mongolian, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Iranian, Mauritanian, Ivorian, Tanzanian, Irish, Faroese, German, Icelandic, Finnish, Bulgarian, Peruvian, Brazilian, French, Polish, Baltic, Russian and Spanish musicians.

In 2003, POING released its first CD "Giants of Jazz" at its own fictional company The Legendary Royal Records (after the music was rejected for the release of nyMusikk). The CD contains music by Maja S.K. Ratkje, Eivind Buene, Øyvind Torvund and Knut-Olaf Sunde, as well as an improvisation. In 2006, they launched CD number two on Jazzaway Records: "Planet POING", with works by Maja S.K. Ratkje, Sachiyo Tsurami, Lars Petter Hagen, Aki Asgeirsson and Jexper Holmen. The last CD of the ensemble "sur POING", with music by Richard Barrett and Helmut Oehring as well as an improvisation with the drummer Paul Lovens, was released at Grappa in 2015.