Oslo Open at Kunstnernes Hus

27.04.19 – 28.04.19

How does an artist work? What is an artist studio? would you like to be more acquainted with artists in Oslo? Visit Oslo Open and dive into an artist's practice by listening to artists themselves speak about their work in their studio space. At Kunstnernes Hus, you can visit the artists behind the house as part of the Artist's studio program where the following artists will have their studio open on Saturday April 27th between 12:00 and 18:00: Mor Efrony, Kristian, Suvatne Augland, Love Terins, Agatha Wara. In addition, the house is open on Saturday and Sunday between 11:00 to 17:00 with the exhibition Selflessness curated by the artist-run space 1857. Welcome!

Oslo Open is Norway's largest art festival, giving the public the opportunity to have a unique experience and see art in the artist's studio. During the event, 375 of Oslo's artists open the doors of their studios to the public. This will be a weekend full of art experiences and the opportunity to attend events such as Open Studios, BOO! - Children's Oslo Open, Guided tours and a number of exhibitions, performances and video screenings arranged by and with the city's artists.

Oslo Open Art Festival has around 9,000 visitors annually, is open to everyone, and is free of charge. On our website you will find detailed information about our various events, list of participants artists etc.

As last year, we split the city into two - between Oslo East and Oslo West. The artists on the West side of the river have an open studio on Saturday 27 April and the artists on the East side of the river are open studio on Sunday 28 April.

Welcome to the Oslo Open!

Address: Entire Oslo
West of the river - Saturday, East of the river - Sunday
Opening hours: 12:00 - 18:00
Everything is free!

The Oslo Open is funded by the City of Oslo, the Norwegian Arts Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.