Autumn Launch - OsloBIENNALEN

18.10.19 — Kl 21:00

Welcome to the autumn launch of osloBIENNALEN FIRST EDITION 2019-2024’s new and ongoing projects and a biennial reader documenting the 24 projects produced by the inaugural biennial format in 2019! The launch party starts at 9pm, following the premiere of two films: ’Notes on a Memorial’ by Jonas Dahlberg (Norwegian premiere) and ‘Crimes of the Future: A film about a film about a book about a city’ (2019) by Javier Izquierdo (world premiere). There will also be a performance of 'WHO CARES: notes on how to address an audience —a performance journal, 1992-2017' by participant Michelangelo Miccolis in the course of the evening.

The party is free and open for everybody, but reservation of free tickets for the film screenings (following the link above) is essential due to capacity.

Om Biennalen

Curated by Eva González-Sancho Bodero and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk, osloBIENNALEN FIRST EDITION 2019-2024 has implemented a specially conceived infrastructure to support an evolving five-year programme of art and artists invited to work with the city, public space and the public sphere. Over a five-year period, osloBIENNALEN will evolve and grow, as new projects and participants are added. The biennial is owned and financed by the City of Oslo Agency for Cultural Affairs.

‘OCTOBER 2019’ - Participants and projects in the 2019 reader include:
Adrián Balseca (EC); Marcelo Cidade (BR); Jonas Dahlberg (SE); Oliver Godow (DE); Katja Høst (NO); Javier Izquierdo (EC); Michelangelo Miccolis (IT/MX); Alexander Rishaug (NO); Knut Åsdam (NO), Mikaela Assolent (FR); Benjamin Bardinet (FR); Julien Bismuth (FR); Carole Douillard (FR); Ed D’Souza (UK); Mette Edvardsen (NO); Jan Freuchen, Sigurd Tenningen, Jonas Høgli Major (NO); Hlynur Hallsson (IS); Mônica Nador and Bruno Oliveira (BR); Rose Hammer (NO/ES); Lisa Tan (US/SE). Completed works by October 2019 by: Gaylen Gerber (USA); Marianne Heier (NO), Michael Ross (USA); Øystein Wyller Odden (NO).

Kunstnernes Hus Kino is happy to collaborate with osloBIENNALEN; You may find the entire programme here.