Concert: Camila Fuchs and Jenny Berger Myhre


A seldom chance to experience sound landscapes from Mexico City, followed by an electro-pop band: Welcome to an evening with experimental electronic music by Camila Fuchs and Jenny Berger Myhre, tied together through video art by Manuela de Laborde.

The concert is organised by F/ eks, a new concert series for electronic music and experimental pop music, curated by Jenny Berger Myhre and produced by Femme Brutal, in cooperation with Konsertforeninga.

The concert will start at 8 pm sharp at Kunstnernes Hus Kino. Purchase your ticket here!

About the concert

Camila de Laborde, Daniel Hermann-Collini and Jenny Berger Myhre met while studying in London in 2012. As a result, Camila Fuchs was formed as an electronic duo combining hypnotic synths, dark rhythms and hearty vocals, with elongated, unfolding tunes that remind you of The Knife, Maria Minerva, Broadcast, Björk and early Fever Ray.

Camila Fuchs has collaborated with video artist Manuela de Laborde (Camila's sister) from early on, complementing their music with a distinctive, strong and abstract visual expression. When Jenny Berger Myhre went to Mexico City on commission for Boreali's festival, she took the opportunity to explore the city with Manuela, in audio and video, and their collaboration resulted in the audiovisual composition "Notas y Notas y Notas ..." which had its world premiere in the USF Shipyard showroom in Bergen, March 2019. The dreamy travel letter consists of Manuela's fragmentary and episodic video along with Jenny's manipulated field recordings, children telling ghost stories, sounds and images found on cassettes and slides at flea markets in CDMX.

About the artist

Manuela de Laborde is a visual artist who works with video and sculpture, often in combination. Her work examines tactile objects and elements by locating and isolating concepts constructed around them; using reduction as a technique, Manuela generates images and positions that allow new virtual spaces to emerge. Textures, shapes, abstraction, and colors are prominent in her visual language. She is currently part of the conditional cinema Triennale program at the Oberhausen Film Festival (2018-2020). Manuela lives and works in Mexico City.