Following Thinkers


Following Thinkers: Place, Philosophy and Architecture Explored Through Filmmaking screens the work of the two filmmakers D.N. Rodowick (University of Chicago) and Anna Ulrikke Andersen (University of Oxford). Both having one foot in academia and one foot in creative practices, they engage with the work of thinkers, such as the philosopher Plato and the architectural theorist Christian Norberg-Schulz.

The event is free of charge and will be held in English. Produced by Julie Leding and supported by Fritt Ord.

Om arrangementet

Through their filmmaking, Andersen and Rodowick seek out the sites where thinking took place, asking what it means to come after and follow those who came before, literally and figuratively. After each of the screenings, the respective filmmakers will be in conversation with invited respondents: Ina Blom (UiO) and Ingrid Dobloug Roede (Transborder Studio/AHO).