Ensemble neoN & Hubro

Release concert!
22.06.19 — Kl 21:00

The Oslo based Ensemble neoN is exited to present their new album on Hubro Records. The repertoire features the American composers Phill Niblock and Catherine Lamb. By choosing to combine two complementary but distinctly different drone-based pieces by the legendary composer and film-maker Phill Niblock and the younger, Berlin-based composer/violinist Catherine Lamb, Norway's Ensemble neoN creates a sense of aesthetic balance.

Loud is followed by quiet, what seems like random patterns gives way to orderly design and the opening instrumental ensemble setting is transformed by the addition of guest voices.

Formed in 2008 from a group of musicians educated at The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway. The birth of the ensemble was a result of passionate interest in contemporary music. The ensemble comprises nine musicians and two composers. Ensemble neoN aims to present both Norwegian and international music at the highest level. They have established themselves as a group of musicians that are involved in the creation of cross-genre projects between popular music, other art forms and Western art music. In 2016 Ensemble neoN released their debut album "neoN" which was awarded the Norwegian Grammy in the category Contemporary Music. I 2017 Ensemble neoN was awarded "Artist of the Year" by The Norwegian Composers Society.