Cave Sounds

16.05.19 — Kl 15:00 - 19:00

Welcome to Cave Sounds, a talk by Esther Saura Muzquiz followed by concerts by Elise Macmillan + Cobi Van Tonder and Object Oriented Ontology (OoO). Esther Saura Muzquiz presents "Prehistoric artists and the reproduction of Altamira," a talk about prehistoric art in the cave of Altamira (Spain). Cobi Van Tonder and Elise Macmillan are exploring the acoustics of Spro Caves in Nesodden, a sonic collaboration stemming from a performance of Goodbye Anthill at Blind Signal in Berlin. Object Oriented Ontology (OoO) is Jo Mikkel S Huse and Eirik Abri, two non-living and two living objects, making music together. Free and open to all.

Photo: Pedro Saura