LEO Youth Film Club

LEO shows handpicked films once a month for young film enthusiasts between the ages of 13 and 18. For each screening we set a theme, and the main film is often put together with short films made by youth, or with concerts or introductions. Do you make movies yourself or would you like to join in choosing films for the LEO Youth Film Club? Send an email to: leo@kunstnerneshus.no

We aim to put together a large selection of new films for young people that rarely reach Norwegian cinemas. As an independent cinema program we focus on film as an art expression that adds something new to the offer that already exists for young people in Norway.

A membership costs 25,- per semester. In addition, each event costs 50,-. Membership is mandatory. Free for adults who come with adolescents. Tickets and memberships can be purchased online or at the counter prior to each event.